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Rosy Vista, Germany's first female hard rock band – was in existence for 5 years from 1985 to 1989.

During this time the band, based around guitarist Anca Graterol, released an EP and several professionally produced singles. Rosy Vista played sensational shows as well, among others with legends like Uriah Heep, Joe Cocker, Manfred Mann´s Earthband and Mötley Crüe. There was just one last thing missing: An entire album.

On Feb, 8th this year that gap has been filled because Rosy Vista has been reassembled with their debut comeback album "Unbelievable", exactly 35 years after the band was founded... literally an "unbelievable" story!

​"We´ve thought about this for many years but some things need time to grow." said founder Anca Graterol, who is backed up by Andrea Schwarz (Vocals) and Marina Hlubek (Drums). New in the band is bass player Heike Mueller.

​"Unbelievable" has been released by STEAMHAMMER/SPV as digipak-CD, vinyl-LP and digital download.

"It´s like the first big love you never forget", said Graterol while talking about her emotions for Rosy Vista and went on: "After meeting fortuitously in 2008 at a concert we realized that we still feel the old vibes with each other, so we decided to get back together as soon as possible to reach our as yet unattained goal."

So here it is: "Unbelievable" contains eleven originals and one cover-version, six of them are all new tunes, composed by all the members, followed by five tracks from the EP back in 1985 - rearranged and remixed and a stunning cover of Steppenwolf's classic "Born To Be Wild".

Graterol: "We all agreed to keep the musical identity of the original cast without distorting it with new, modern influences. This kind of rock music is timeless anyway and does not adjust itself to the spirit of the ages. Of course, we have increased our skills over the years, and "Unbelievable" takes advantage of modern production techniques. Everything you will hear on that album was great fun and is absolutely authentic."

Graterol talks about the grooving opener "Crazy", the hymnic refrain of "Master Of Control", the nasty "Too Much Feeling", "Changin‘ My Mind" co-composed by Barbara Schenker or the irony of "Poor Rosy", a Rosy Vista classic. But also the newly arranged "Sadistic Lover", "Tables Are Turned", "Sound Of Your Love", "Until I’m Satisfied" and "Rockin’ Through The Night" from the 1985 EP days, which shine like old light through new windows.

​Besides the high quality of all the of them has to have a special mention: "Hopatina" is a rock-version of a song that Anca Graterol wrote in her early days with her band CATENA. That song, inspired by a Turkish belly dance tune, was a smash hit in Romania in the 70´s, remaining in the Top 5 for weeks.

​But why did Rosy Vista decide to cover "Born To Be Wild"? "We played BTBW back in the 80´s on many festivals. We loved it and we still do." said Graterol. Another highlight: The cover artwork is from Bernhard Paul & Steffen Maier ("just like Lennon & McCartney“) from Circus Roncalli.´s done! Rosy Vista fulfilled their biggest dream not only for themselves but for their fans worldwide. 


Crazy * Sadistic Lover * Master Of Control * Too Much Feeling * Tables Are Turned * Until I’m Satisfied * Hopatina * Poor Rosy * Sound Of Your Love * Rockin’ Through The Night * Changin’ My Mind * Born To Be Wild

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